paediatric physiotherapist melbourne

Paediatric Physiotherapist Melbourne
South Eastern Suburbs and Traralgon.

Physiotots Paediatric Physiotherapy was established in the year 2000 by Myffanwy Adkin, Director and Physiotherapist of Physiotots. Physiotots is a family centred practice, working closely with children and their families in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and Gippsland region to reach their maximal functional potential in a nurturing and safe environment.

Physiotots Services:
For babies, tots, tweens, teens and beyond.

Clinicbasedtherapy Logo

Clinic based therapy.

Direct physiotherapy services at various Physiotots clinic rooms LEARN MORE

Childcarekinder Logo

Childcare/Kinder and School based therapy.

Your Physiotherapist can attend your child’s childcare, kinder or school setting. LEARN MORE

Homebasedtherapy Logo

Home Based Therapy.

We can visit and provide assessment and therapy within your own home LEARN MORE

Grouptherapy Logo

Group Therapy.

Physiotots has various Paediatric Physiotherapy groups on offer LEARN MORE

Aquatic Logo

Aquatic or Hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy for kids within the water medium with your Physiotherapist LEARN MORE

Group 50


Telehealth physiotherapy sessions via Cliniko or Zoom LEARN MORE

Assistivetechnology Logo

Assistive Technology (AT) Prescription.

We can help guide you in the relevant prescription of assistive technology LEARN MORE

Orthoticmanagement Logo

Orthotic Management.

The provision of orthotics and their ongoing management LEARN MORE

Why Physiotots.

child receiving paediatric physiotherapy services at Physiotots melbourne

Where To Find Us.

paediatric physiotherapist melbourne

Whitfield Boulevard

12 Whitfield Boulevard
Cranbourne West Vic 3977

Direct Physiotherapy services 1:1 ALL Group Physiotherapy sessions

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri (7 am-7 pm)
Sat (8 am-3 pm by prior arrangement)

paediatric physiotherapist melbourne southeastern Suburbs

Traralgon Rooms

186 Argyle Street
Traralgon Vic 3844

Direct Physiotherapy services 1:1

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri (7 am-7 pm)
Sat (8 am-3 pm by prior arrangement)

Hydrotherapy Somerville VIC

Somerville Core Fitness

55 Grant Rd
Somerville Vic 3910

Hydrotherapy 1:1

Opening Hours

Thurs -Fri (1 pm-6 pm)
Sat (8 am-3 pm by prior arrangement)

hydrotherapy for kids

The Swim Factory

30 Remount Way
Cranbourne West Vic 3977

Hydrotherapy 1:1

Opening Hours

At Physiotots, we live and work by our values.

Determined by the acronym ‘GIVERS’ both as individuals and as Physiotots employee’s.

As ‘GIVERS’ we aim to promote:

Growth & Guidance.


Inclusivity & Independence.


Vulnerability & Vision.


Empowerment & Encouragement.


Resilience & Respect.


Service & Support.


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