Orthotic Management.


Appropriate orthotics Is Essential.

Many children who attend our clinic setting require the provision of orthotics and their ongoing management. Our physiotherapists at Physiotots can guide, prescribe and refer your child for appropriate orthotic management based on their underlying impairments, needs and goals. We work collaboratively with your child and local Orthotists including: Orthokids, OAPL and Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), to ensure our ongoing principle of family centred and multidisciplinary practice.


Myff is one of the leading Paediatric Physiotherapist's and has been amazing for my 9 year old daughter with CP and ASD. Extremely knowledgeable, caring and goes above and beyond. We are so thankful to Myff for all the assistance she gives our daughter. We couldn't be happier and would recommend Myff and her team in a heart beat.


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