Group Sessions

Looking at improving ….

Let one of our team know you would like to join one of our friendly group sessions.

Aims at developing

Strength, coordination, friendships.

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I love coming into PhysioTots and joining one of their group sessions. It allows me to work on:

  • Developing my strength and co-ordination with others
  • Building on my friendships
  • Develop my leadership and team based skills in a friendly environment

I love coming into PhysioTots and doing one of their group sessions. It allows me to work on improving my balance, co-ordination, strength, whilst developing my social skills and friendships

Holiday Programs

During school holidays we tailor a variety of programs to give our stars different experiences they might otherwise not get the chance to do.

Types of activities you could experience in one of our programs

Rock Climbing


Mini Golf

Science experiments

Arts and Crafts

Gross and Fine motor function

Holiday Program

I have participated in a number of holiday programs and love the variety that PhysioTots have offered me.


Hydrotherapy is a great adjunct to land based therapy. Skills in the water can be transferred to those on land. The water medium provides a great resistance and promotion of muscle relaxation and muscle strengthening whilst building postural control in a fun environment.

If you would like your child to join one of our hydrotherapy sessions, please contact us for current availability.

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When I do my hydrotherapy it gives me a sense of freedom and enjoyment in the water. I feel like I can achieve anything I want.

Cardio room

Try out or new cardio room.

Our pre-teens and teens love using our cardio equipment including the bike, elliptical, and rower.

They are guided closely to teach them appropriate use of the equipment for their needs.

Physiotots Cardio Room

Dream, Believe, Achieve.

I love using the cardio room at PhysioTots. It allows me to safely work on increasing my cardiovascular fitness with one of their individual tailored programs.

New Premises

Physiotots is proud to show of their new premises.

Consisting of three individual consulting rooms and two large group areas.

Take a look through the new place.

Nice big spacious areas for all to enjoy.

Physiotots Rooms A Blog

Take a look in and see

  • Gym
  • Consult rooms
  • Sensory room

Consult room.

Learn and grow in here.

Consult One
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Sensory room

Fun, interactive environment

See your child grow and develop in this fun, colourful and inviting space.

Fun for all

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Love the new premises, so many options to see my child grow and develop under the watchful eye of the PhysioTots team